Company Practice Groups

When developing communities of practice within your company, there are both unique challenges and opportunities to design for. These groups can really drive practice improvement & innovation.



Start scoping the group with a few colleagues

Develop the idea with several colleagues from different teams and projects. How can the group help you all? How will you make space for it in your workday? See steps 1-3 in Starting a Community Group.

How will the group help company operations and strategy? Spell out how the group will contribute to initiatives like training/ mentorship, innovation, and standards/ methods/ procedures. Build a movement of stakeholders throughout the company.

Find executive champions

A mandate and commitment of support from leaders can help bring the group to life. Get buy-in on a business case and operational plan, then do steps 5 onward in the Starting a Group guide.

Create a space for the group. Start talking and meeting. Choose tools and communication methods that are appropriate to how your company already works or aspires to work. Build membership by start to engage as a group.

Make it fun, celebrate successes, appreciate others.

Can your group help spark motivation and fulfillment? Take time to celebrate and appreciate each other as you get to know each other and as you accomplish things individually and collectively.

Spur practice-improvement, innovation, evolution, and growth What can your group endeavor to do that will fuel improvements to company practice and industry innovation? Pilot projects, partnerships, presenting at events?

Engage to improve

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