Hosting Events

Events are powerful containers for learning, building relationships, developing ideas, & getting inspired. In-person events can be especially powerful, but online events follow the same patterns.
Hosting takes work before, during, and after the event. Communities can form and deepen through the power of great events.
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Pre-event preparation
The planning team will need to connect and plan before the event to: set a date, find a venue, arrange logistics, and plan content. See event strategy and the pre-event planning checklist.
Event Set-up
Make enough time to get the space set-up. For physical events this includes AV set-up, arranging signage and furniture, and food. For virtual events this includes queuing up media & presenters.
Arrival and Welcome
The right kind of welcome is critical, especially for new people. This moment sets the tone. As the host, how can you help people feel comfortable by orienting them to the space and other people?
The Event
Every event agenda has a beginning, middle, and end. See facilitation tips for each section.
The beginning is when you bring people together, set intentions and goals, and convey the agenda.
The middle is when the magic can happen. Once people are together and oriented, you help the group do what you came here to do.
The end is when you bring people together to close your time together, and also set intentions for the future.
Post-event clean-up and capture
Make sure you have presentations, photos, & notes from the event. After physical events you’ll need to clean up. This is a good time to debrief as leaders, & further enroll other people still there.
Follow-up communications
Send an email or post summarizing what happened with pictures, presentation files or videos, and notes. Communicate and catalyze next steps, including future meetings. Do individual follow-ups to presenters and people you connected with.

Recurring Events & Meetings

Recurring meetings follow the same structure, and create a heartbeat of a community. Post-event follow-up can directly inform pre-event preparation.

Large Events

Large multi-day events follow the same structure, with the day-by-day nesting within the overall arc.
See the Benefits Guide to learn how the Autodesk Group Network can help with things like schwag, food, and tools to host successful events.
* Event structure visualization adapted from the Ritual Design Toolkit.

Resources and Examples from the Group Network

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