The Community Dojo was created, and is maintained, by a group of contributors from the Autodesk Group Network community. This is a community-driven, open-source effort.

Email if you're interested, have questions, or have new ideas.

Community Dojo Project

Project Managers: Adam Menter & Rachel Hartley

  • What We Do

    • Maintain this website

    • Support other group leaders on community leadership, based on our experience in community

    • Support, and help catalyze, other community-based projects

  • How contributors engage

Peer Advisors

Anyone with experience leading communities can sign up to become a peer advisor for groups through the Community Dojo.

  • You'll be added to our database of contacts, which is available to any group leaders in the Autodesk Group Network via an access code.

  • Group leaders who are looking for support or advice may then reach out to you in your preferred communication channel.

Slack Workspace: Community Projects/ Community Leaders

The contributors for this Community Dojo project have started a Slack workspace. Email if you'd like to join.

  • The goal of the Slack workspace is:

    • Conversations on these topics of community group leadership and management.

    • Support and catalyze other community-based projects and innovation initiatives, for and by the Autodesk community (e.g. working with the Autodesk Foundation partners on pro-bono projects, partnership on industry initiatives)


      • (1) Community Dojo Website

  • Who it is for:

    • Active group leaders who want more fluid dialogue with each other.

    • Current or new group leaders who are looking for ongoing peer advice and dialogue with other leaders in the Community Dojo about running their group or shared projects.

    • It is NOT for people who are not actively involved in a group or community-based project, because we don't have a clear way to engage.

  • Slack vs. the Group Leader Hub:

    • Slack is for the more active and engaged leaders in the Autodesk community who want a more fluid way to communicate and perhaps work together on projects. It complements the Group Leader Hub, which is for announcements from Autodesk and a general bulletin board for all group leaders.

Current Website Contributors

Adam Reilly

Sr. CADD Designer at M&S Engineering Austin CADD User Group

Александр Лапыгин (Aleksandr Lapygin) Head of Design Department at ROSECO ГИП ГИПу друг (GIP2GIP friends)

Landon Messal

CAD Systems Integration Engineer at Seamon Whiteside

(starting a group in Charleston, South Carolina)

Rachel Hartley Community Program Manager at Autodesk Autodesk Group Network

Tony Carcamo Consultant & Trainer at Civil CAD Learning Solutions Dallas-Fort Worth BIM Infrastructure Group


Micah Gray

BIM Manager at GMA Architects

St. Louis Revit User Group

Racel Williams

Autodesk Dynamo Team

Sol Amour

Autodesk Dynamo Team

Tarek Khodr

Autodesk Community Team

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