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The Community Dojo was created, and is maintained, by a group of contributors from the Autodesk Group Network community. This is a community-driven, open-source effort.
Email [email protected] if you're interested, have questions, or have new ideas.

Community Dojo Project

Project Managers: Adam Menter & Rachel Hartley
  • What We Do
    • Maintain this website
    • Support other group leaders on community leadership, based on our experience in community
    • Support, and help catalyze, other community-based projects
  • How contributors engage

Peer Advisors

Anyone with experience leading communities can sign up to become a peer advisor for groups through the Community Dojo.
  • You'll be added to our database of contacts, which is available to any group leaders in the Autodesk Group Network via an access code.
  • Group leaders who are looking for support or advice may then reach out to you in your preferred communication channel.

Slack Workspace: Community Projects/ Community Leaders

The contributors for this Community Dojo project have started a Slack workspace. Email [email protected] if you'd like to join.
Dojo Slack Workspace
  • The goal of the Slack workspace is:
    • Conversations on these topics of community group leadership and management.
    • Support and catalyze other community-based projects and innovation initiatives, for and by the Autodesk community (e.g. working with the Autodesk Foundation partners on pro-bono projects, partnership on industry initiatives)
      • (1) Community Dojo Website
  • Who it is for:
    • Active group leaders who want more fluid dialogue with each other.
    • Current or new group leaders who are looking for ongoing peer advice and dialogue with other leaders in the Community Dojo about running their group or shared projects.
    • It is NOT for people who are not actively involved in a group or community-based project, because we don't have a clear way to engage.
  • Slack vs. the Group Leader Hub:
    • Slack is for the more active and engaged leaders in the Autodesk community who want a more fluid way to communicate and perhaps work together on projects. It complements the Group Leader Hub, which is for announcements from Autodesk and a general bulletin board for all group leaders.

Current Website Contributors

Adam Menter (editor)
Autodesk Community Team
Sr. CADD Designer at M&S Engineering Austin CADD User Group
Александр Лапыгин (Aleksandr Lapygin) Head of Design Department at ROSECO ГИП ГИПу друг (GIP2GIP friends)
CAD Systems Integration Engineer at Seamon Whiteside
(starting a group in Charleston, South Carolina)
Rachel Hartley Community Program Manager at Autodesk Autodesk Group Network
Tony Carcamo Consultant & Trainer at Civil CAD Learning Solutions Dallas-Fort Worth BIM Infrastructure Group
Preparing for the Community Dojo launch webinar in September 9, 2020.
A Zoom-selfie of contributors & reviewers in a chat on June 17, 2020!


Autodesk Inventor Team
BIM Manager at GMA Architects
Autodesk Dynamo Team
Sol Amour
Autodesk Dynamo Team
Autodesk Community Team