Setting ground rules & etiquette

It's important for groups to have clear, strong, and simple agreements to help set and enforce behavior norms. In strong communities, the members enforce these norms as much as the leaders.
By joining the Autodesk Group Network, your group consents to the Autodesk Community Participant Guidelines as a baseline.
We invite you to set and communicate other norms as appropriate to your group.
  • These types of guidelines are often in a pinned post or shared document.
  • For events, reinforcing any important code of conduct may be part of how you greet and welcome people.

Example community guidelines within the Autodesk Group Network

    • (1) No random advertisement that annoys people, or recruiting
    • (2) Respect everyone's opinions about design and workflow
    • (3) Nothing political or religious
  • Fusion 360 Users Facebook Group (posted by an Autodesk moderator)
    • This Facebook group has a "Be Nice” policy. As a community we create the majority of content that you see here. Just about every skill level is represented here, from the Newb to the expert CAD jockey. Providing advice and praise is essential to a healthy, supportive community, and being nice is a crucial element in encouraging others to continue their work. We expect you to respect the rights and dignity of others. In participating in this group, you must not post, provide, publish, upload, download, display, use, share, distribute or otherwise make available: (a) any Content that meets any of the following criteria or (b) any Content to, from or through any other web site or service that meets any of the following criteria:
      • Is threatening, degrading, unlawful, unsafe, harmful, abusive, harassing, stalking, hateful, defamatory, libelous, fraudulent, offensive, inappropriate, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or otherwise objectionable;
      • Violates any applicable law, rule or regulation, or could give rise to legal liability;
      • Violates or infringes any right(s) of ours or of any other person, firm or entity (including contractual and fiduciary rights, copyrights, trademarks, and rights of privacy and publicity);
      • Contains any unauthorized or unsolicited ideas or submissions, offers, advertising, promotional materials, surveys, “junk” or bulk mail, “spam,” chain letter,” “pyramid schemes,” investment opportunity, petitions, or other forms of solicitation;
      • Impersonates any person, firm or entity;
      • Is misleading or false, or falsely implies an endorsement by Autodesk, it’s affiliates, employees, partners, licensors, licensees or suppliers;
      • Presents a significant risk to public safety or promotes the dangerous or unlawful use of ammunition, explosives, firearms, weapons or other similar materials;
      • Involves or helps promote unlawful gambling, sports betting, horse or greyhound racing, or any other similar activity;
      • Manipulates identifiers or other data in order to disguise the origin of any Content or to manipulate or disguise your presence on the group.
    • Moderators have the right (but not the obligation) to pre-screen or monitor any Content or any user’s access to or participation in the group, and to remove or block access to any Content for any reason, or suspend or terminate any user’s membership to the group for any reason (including for violations of our “Be Nice Policy” or any other provision of these Terms). We have no responsibility or liability with respect to any Content, including for any actions that we may take with respect to any Content that we determine violates these Terms.
  • Rules of BIM3D (Telegram) - not part of Autodesk Group Network. Copy of their pinned post as follows (good example of embedding useful links)
    • The purpose of the chat:
      • ✅ Discussion, questions arising in the process of working in the SOFTWARE;
      • ✅ Discussion of innovations, laws, and news related to the subject of BIM.
    • Chat rules:
      • ⚠ do not swear (ban!);
      • ⚠ do not active flood (offtop) - ban!;
      • ⚠ do not post inconsistent links and / or reposts from other groups and / or chat s- (ban!).
      • If you want to publish a link in the chat, write to the admins directly;
      • Markers: #Revit #Plant #ADSteel #Civil #Tekla #Allplan #Archicad
    • Other thematic discussions (Directs conversation into specific areas with deep-links)
      • 6-7D - Issues and solutions in the field of information BIM model operation.
      • HR - Offers and job search including private orders.
      • Networking - We communicate, get acquainted, and discuss common issues.
      • PDM-ERP - Organization of the General data environment, document management, process management, production planning in the field of design and construction of objects.
      • 5D - BIM 5D: Estimates, cost, resource management and BIM project. Discussion of data management issues of the information BIM model for marking and project management.
      • Calc - Exchange of experience, recommendations on calculation complexes and solutions for any sections and software products of the information BIM model;
      • API - discussion of programming issues for CAD SOFTWARE.
    • And a format for those who prefer Facebook
    • We recommend the updated training courses of Vysotskiy Consulting.
  • Rules of Intlines Revit chat (Telegram) Copy of their pinned post as follows (good example of embedding useful links)
    • The goal of the chat is to help you learn Revit.
    • Here you can ask and answer questions about Revit.
    • To thank you, write "thank you" in response to the message.
    • For each "thank you" to the Respondent, reputation points are awarded.
    • Chat rules:
      • ⚠ Do not offend the participants of the chat
      • ⚠ be polite in communication, swearing is prohibited
      • ⚠ No flood
      • ⚠ No spam
      • ⚠ advertising is prohibited (link with answer for the question do not considered as advertising)
      • ⚠ Members brake the rules may be banned.
    • For all questions @ivan_zylev
    • Please note!
      • Have this chat running a bot that deletes posts with links to all resources, and chat, in addition to YouTube and TOP 100 sites. Links to the Autodesk community are also added to the URL whitelist. This is done to avoid spam in the chat.
      • If there is a resource, channel, or chat that you frequently link to, write to @ivan_zylev and I will add it to the white list
    • If you have any ideas for improving the chat, please write to me and I will be grateful) - The Creator of the chat @ivan_zylev
  • Rules of IntCivil3D group (Telegram) from pinned message:
    • Please keep all community members in mind
    • Encouraged to:
      • Answers to users ' questions
      • The answer to the user's question in the form of a link to a specific forum post, blog, article, etc. resource that contains the answer to the question
      • Links to interesting news, announcements of events in the world of BIM
      • Not too active free communication on near-engineering topics
      • Attracting those who care to the community
    • If you are not sure that Your action in the chat fits into its concept-check with the Admin
    • Censured:
      • SPAM
      • Sending a link to a third-party resource as an answer to a question from another community member, if the direct link does not contain the answer to the question
      • Non-constructive criticism of community members and individuals who do not belong to the community
      • Swearing, spitting

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