NEW Community Conversations

Community Meetups are revitalized in the new Community Conversations!

We partnered with the Customer Success team at Autodesk to begin hosting Community Meetups in 2021. After a great set of meetups at AU2020, we reflected on the past year and on how to offer you an integrated community experience, better connecting the meet-ups that the customer success team has been hosting for the past year with the broader Autodesk community and the Autodesk Group Network.

Launching the NEW Community Conversations, hosted by Autodesk Community Managers with experts in the community.

Learn more below!

What are Community Conversations?

Community Conversations provide opportunities for engineers, designers, artists, and makers to meet in a safe, live, virtual setting to share expertise, get to know leaders in your field, and grow your community network.

Community Conversations speakers will be Autodesk employees, customers, partners, and students. You’ll hear from someone with special expertise, have a chance to ask questions live and get to know fellow participants who share your interests.

The sessions are always supported by Autodesk Community Managers to help guide conversation, feed important insights back from the community to Autodesk and support participants in getting connected to the expertise you need.

How to find current events

View our current calendar of live, virtual events here.

Simply say “Yes” under “Will you be attending” and we will send you the details for how to join the Zoom session.

At the bottom of each event page, you can ask questions or share comments to the Community Team and presenter in advance of the live session.

Click on the photo or name of the “Featured Guest” to see their full Community Profiles.

How to find recordings

To see a recording of a past event, select “Event Status” and add a check to “Past”.

You can also find our recorded events on YouTube here.

Here are some other ways to keep in touch with your peers:

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