Benefits Guide

How to access benefits of the Autodesk Group Network.

The benefits of joining the Autodesk Group Network are outlined on our website. Including...

The instructions below are for groups who'd like to request for resources for their group and community building efforts.

Requesting Resources

Do you need something to make your group thrive and help make your next event a success? We’d like to help.

We’ve provided info below on how you can frame your requests for funding, schwag, and other tools. This is done via e-mail.

Our basic approach is to help with core things that will support you as a group leader to help your group thrive and accomplish your goals. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to fund every request, but we can guarantee we’ll respond and work with you to try to help.

Monetary Grants

We can provide monetary grants in the form of a Tango Visa e-gift card. This is often used to fund food at events, but can be used for other things.

All requests should be made via e-mail as described below, and requests over $500 will likely require a conversation.

We do not yet have guidelines, expectations, or limits on the amount of funding a group can get per year or per event – but we may develop this over time with group leaders.

Sponsorship from other companies

Beyond the support Autodesk provides through this program, many groups work to find long-term sponsorship from local businesses, channel partners, and other companies.

These relationships are healthy for your group, especially when the people behind them are authentically a part of your community. The Autodesk Group Network does not seek to replace or prevent these types of relationships and sponsorships.

See advice on partnerships and sponsorship.

Autodesk schwag

We know your members love to receive special items at your events or sent to them on special occasions. Let us know what would take your event to the next level.

We do not yet have a store or online portal for groups to request schwag – but we may develop that if there is enough interest.

List of Autodesk schwag that we currently offer…

  • Laptop stickers

  • Water bottles

  • Ballpoint Pens

  • Fitted caps

  • Cinchpacks

  • Notepads

All items can be customizable with a product icon (with or without product name), Autodesk, Autodesk Make Anything, or the Autodesk Group Network logo.

If you do not see an item you are looking for, let us know and we can work to add it to our list.

We recommend you use schwag for special occasions like…

  • Collaborative events with another organization

  • Hackathon-like events

  • Showcases

  • Launch of a new group or project

  • Recognizing and showing appreciation for a member’s activity in your group

  • Special guests or speakers at your meeting

  • Giveaways

  • Contests

If you have planned out your events for the year and you would like to make one request to receive a bulk package of Autodesk schwag for the entire year, we can work to accommodate this request if you let us know!

Virtual Meeting Technology

(As of April 2020, we're adding this benefit to respond to the need for virtual meetings caused by the COVID pandemic)

We've investigated providing a network-wide account to virtual meeting technology like GoTo Webinar or Zoom. We've decided instead to reimburse groups for their monthly or annual costs associated with acquiring and maintaining a subscription to the tool of their choice.

When requesting this, please specify what technology you're using, how often you plan to use it, and why you chose the platform you did. This will help us make future choices on how to improve this benefit over time. Pro

Autodesk funds a Meetup Pro network, which means Autodesk will pay for your dues for Learn more here.

See other groups using Meetup here:

Other Resources, Space, and Guest Speakers

We can also work to provide you help in the following categories:

Instructions for Making a Resource Request

When to make a request. If you need money or items before your event, please contact us at least…

  • 1 month before the event (if monetary grant)

  • 6 weeks before the event (if schwag)

We can also reimburse you after the event.

What information to provide

Send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Group name

  • Your name and role in the group

  • Description of the situation/ context

    • Date of event (if applicable)

    • Purpose & goals

    • Number of people involved & who will benefit

    • Importance to you & the group

  • What resources do you need? (monetary grant/ food funding, space, schwag, guest speakers, etc).

    • Please be as precise as you can on the quantities and amounts.

  • Expected Outcomes. How will it help you? What will these resources allow you to do or accomplish?

    • How can/will you communicate that back to the Autodesk Group Network?

  • Your timing. Do you need the grant ahead of time or as a reimbursement? What date do you need the grant by?

We’ll be back in touch via email.

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