ARCHIVE: AU2020 Community Meetups

An archive of our meetups hosted at AU2020 and recordings of the events.

Autodesk Group Network Meetups at AU 2020

In just one year, the Autodesk Group Network has grown from 40 groups to 150+ groups worldwide. Celebrate with our leaders in the network as we share the success and footprint of their groups, and what's next for the Autodesk Group Network.

See notes from the breakout discussions on Google slides 29 - 35. Feel free to comment!

The Community Dojo evolved after a user group roundtable discussion at AU Las Vegas 2019 on how to lead a successful user group. Learn about the value this new resource can bring to those looking to engage with user groups, and open a discussion on how to build the Community Dojo further to meet the needs of our community members.

See the panel discussion questions and notes....

Other Community Meetups

You will meet Autodesk's own community team and some of our Expert Elites (customers like you) to learn first-hand how the community has helped them widen their knowledge, build relationships, extend their professional network, and bring their knowledge to new levels.

This meetup will be hosted in additional languages and geos across the world. See below for international meetups.

International Meetups hosted by the Community

The Autodesk Group Network is a global user group program, with passionate leaders around the world leading groups. Meet in your local geo with group leaders to learn about their groups activity, and participate in open-discussions lead in the native language by our International Community Managers. See details below:

20 Novembre | 13:00 (heure française)

Rencontre communautaire: Rencontre de la communauté avec les Expert Elite

Rencontrez l'équipe de la communauté Autodesk et certains de nos Experts Elites (des clients comme vous) pour savoir comment la communauté a contribué à développer leur carrière et leurs réseaux professionnels.

20 Novembre | 16:00 (heure française)

« Autodesk Group Network » est notre programme de groupes d'utilisateurs mondiaux, avec des animateurs de groupes passionnés autour du Monde. Rencontrez d'autres animateurs de groupes francophones pour en savoir plus sur l'activité de leur groupe et participez à une discussion ouverte animée par Patrick Emin, animateur de la communauté Autodesk francophone

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