Event marketing

Tips for getting the word out about your event.

  • Create a compelling website or landing page for the event

  • Email your list of members and your networks. Create an e-mail that's easily forwarded by leaders & members.

  • Post your event on social media, encourage leaders and members to amplify and share it.

    • Post twice a week (LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Reach out to other organizations to invite them and to cross-promote the event...

    • Other local communities

    • Industry associations, ideally local branches (see list on partnerships page)

    • Technology companies in your area

    • Publications and websites appropriate to your industry/ audience

  • Have door prizes, good food, and other tangible "stuff" to attract people.

  • Create a flier, post and distribute it in places where your audience will be

    • Mail physical invitations to local companies

  • You can pay for marketing ads through Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or Facebook Ads, and local publications.

Autodesk support in marketing your event

  • Can Autodesk Promote Group Network Events & Activities?

    • Yes, we can promote, share, and re-tweet through @adskCommunity Twitter account.

  • For questions, or if you'd like to get the word out through another Autodesk channel, contact groupnetwork@autodesk.com

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