Content & Speaker Database

Find valuable, engaging, and useful content that can be used in a virtual or physical meeting setting. Get access to credible, expert speakers from the broader community.

Using the Content and Speaker Database

Find an archive of meetup decks used by groups or PPTs by Autodesk to repurpose for a meetup.

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This database will grow over time, and we encourage content to be curated beyond Autodesk and by our user groups.

Add content! Be a speaker!

If groups have artifacts they'd like to share in the content archive, or add their speakers to this list, you can take action below

  • ADD YOUR CONTENT: Share any presentations or recordings from a prior meetup for other group leaders to use

  • SPEAKER FORM: Add yourself as a speaker in the database if you're looking for new speaker opportunities

If you have any questions or would like to give feedback, please email Rachel at

Other Community Content Sources

Actively maintained & ready-to-use sources of content from the community that could help you and your group

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