Starting a Community Group

Strong groups start with clear goals from leaders & by providing value to members. As you start engaging focus on listening, see where the community takes you, & see where you can take the community.
In some ways, strong groups are always being formed and renewed. As people, the world, and industries evolve this is critical for continued relevance.
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Clarify your own goals & intentions What value will you & other members get as they participate? Is it learning, relationship building, career advancement, industry innovation, regional development?
Gauge interest with your audience & recruit co-leaders
Test and evolve your ideas with potential collaborators and group members. If you meet others that share your goals, can you enroll them as co-leaders or add them to a list of future members?
Define your group's identity, charter, and ground rules
What is the group’s name, mission, and ground rules? This is foundational so community members know what to expect and so leaders know how to work together.
Determine financial requirements of the group
Your group may require money to host events or purchase tools. Discuss and decide how you’ll fund your activities. To help get started, see the benefits guide for the Autodesk Group Network.
Make the group tangible and organize your first thing
If your group is event-based, when's your first event, what's it about, and who will be there? *
If your group is online, where is it hosted and how and when can people start engaging?
Consider the tools you'll use.
Prototype and learn with early members
Try keeping the first event small, or only inviting a handful of people to the online group. This can help you build out the initial content and engagement norms, and you’ll learn a lot.
Promote your group more broadly, and seek to do more
With a strong foundation of initial engagement and enrolled leadership, you have the start of a healthy group! This is a solid place to grow from. How can you build more momentum?
Keep engaging and wayfinding with the community As your group keeps going, follow your energy and group momentum. Welcome new people, create space for ideas and conversations, and groom new leaders. See the Running a Group guide.
Legal structures: Incorporation & bank accounts
If the group’s mission requires significant infrastructure or big events, look to formalize organizational and financial structures early. Most groups don’t need to do this until later, if ever.
* Note that the Autodesk Group Network currently provides Meetup Pro to any group who's interested in using it.
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