Brand Guidelines for Groups

Guidelines from Autodesk's legal and branding teams to help your group show affiliation with the Group Network and represent Autodesk products, while complying with Autodesk's trademark guidelines.

By joining the Autodesk Group Network, groups agree to follow Autodesk's trademark guidelines.

A fuller PDF version of this guide, along with downloadable assets, is available on the Group Network DAM Portal.

Groups are encouraged to be creative with their own branding, and to create their own logos and visual identity, while following the guidelines here.

Use of the Autodesk Name & Product Names

  • Referential use of Autodesk trademarks by groups may not imply that the group is part of Autodesk.

  • If groups would like to create a legal entity, their legal name cannot contain Autodesk trademarks.

  • It is requested that your group uses trademark symbols (™, ®) where appropriate, although it is not required.

  • If your group has a geographic presence (such as a physical meetup), Autodesk recommends you put the location of the group first in your branding.

    • Example: Seattle Revit® User Group

  • Autodesk recommends you use a referential phrase (such as “user group for,” “users of,” or a variant of “user group” in your native language) to indicate your group’s relationship to Autodesk or Autodesk products.

    • Example: Chicago Users of Revit®

Common acronyms used for Autodesk Groups...

C3DUG = Civil 3D User

RUG = Revit User Group

DUG = Dynamo User Group


All groups must include the following disclaimer on their primary public-facing website, or a variant thereof that meets Autodesk trademark guidelines.

[GROUP NAME] is independent of Autodesk, Inc. and Autodesk’s subsidiaries. All activities, advice, and opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Autodesk, Inc. or its subsidiaries. Autodesk does not endorse, and has no responsibility for, the actions of this group or the content, advice, or information provided by this group.

This group, however, is part of the Autodesk Group Network and is listed in that directory of groups. We, as part of this network, operate with these participant guidelines. To learn more about the Autodesk Group Network, and the benefits this group may receive, visit the Autodesk Group Network.

We recommended that you include this disclaimer on other materials, space permitting.

Group Network Branding

Badges should be used to identify groups as part of the Autodesk Group Network. The group’s name or brand should always appear first as the primary identifier.

The group leader badge currently does not show-up on Autodesk profiles. This item is on our roadmap.

Do not modify either the group or group leader badge art by changing the shape, color, text, or proportions.

Adding the badge to your signature in Autodesk Forums

Thanks to @MoshiurRashid for creating the following Screencast video explaining how to add the group leader badge into your signature on Autodesk forums.

  • Word to HTML converter link:

  • Be mindful of the amount of space you take up with your signature. Keep it simple :)

  • NOTE - Nov 2020: We hope to incorporate the Group Leader badge into the Autodesk profile in the future (roadmap item).

Use of Autodesk Product Logos

To help groups demonstrate which Autodesk product they focus on, group leaders can access Autodesk product brand assets on the Autodesk Digital Asset Management system (DAM).

Groups are encouraged to be creative with their own branding but without imitating or altering Autodesk logos, lockups, or icons.

  • Do not create new logos or icons for Autodesk or its products.

  • Do not modify Autodesk lockups, icons, colors, or fonts.

  • Do not create your own group branding that would cause the public to believe that your group is part of Autodesk, for example by creating similar logos or icons or using similar colors or fonts as those used by Autodesk.

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