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The goal of this list is to give group leaders a general lay of the land of tools they might consider, based on what other groups are using.

(SURVEY RESULTS 2020 - Top Tools) We launched a group tools survey in October 2020, and you can find a summary of the results here. The results have been added to our list of tools and links as you consider your tech stack.

Toolsets specific for Community Groups

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list or detailed comparison. There are many tool comparison resources on YouTube, blogs, and sites like and Capterra.

Inevitably one tool will not meet all of your use cases. You'll likely be using, connecting, and integrating with tools in the categories below.

Group Leader Work

Website hosting platforms

If all you do is host events, this could just be an event page (e.g. Meetup, EventBrite)

Some of these include, or are optimized for, blog posts. See also Knowledge, Content, and Code Management.

Commenting plug-in for websites: Disqus

Some examples from the Autodesk Group Network

Social Media

See group leaders' advice on social media tools.


Community Conversation and News

Help people in the group connect and converse with each other throughout the day and throughout the year.


  • Email account for the group (incoming requests, outgoing announcements)

    • Gmail, etc

  • Email listserves

  • Email newsletters

Group chat and collaboration

  • Can give users access to on-demand help or mentorship

  • Can be structured for different discussion topics

  • For some groups, like company practice groups, the ability to ask and answer questions during the workday may be really important.

  • For other groups that aren’t as focused on daily practice, this might be something members check-in on periodically: after work, when they have news or a job to post, or around the time of an event.

  • Slack

    • Pros: easy & intuitive, multiple channels, widely adopted (corporate-friendly), private and public channels + messages

    • Cons: unfriently threaded conversations

  • Discord

    • Pros: multiple channels, private and public channels + messages, recognizes code and can automatically format it

    • Cons: may not be corporate-friendly, does not support threaded conversations, gamer jargon knowledge required.

  • Microsoft Teams

    • Pros: Microsoft is investing in it and it's starting to be adopted in the workplace by Office 365 users, well integrated with Microsoft Product like Skype, Outlook, OneNote and others.

    • Cons: heavier corporate feel

  • Messaging (single channel)

Forums and boards

Virtual reality rooms

Conversation tools and the Autodesk Group Network

You can see all of the online groups within the group finder on the Autodesk Group Network website. Groups from throughout the network are using a variety of tools.

Autodesk does not endorse or provide any particular tool. We support groups using whatever works for them.

In the "All Locations" drop-down, there are filter categories for the following online group conversation tools: Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, VK, WhatsApp

Event Planning & Hosting

Not all tools are digital. For physical events you might want to create an event hosting toolkit with things like nametags, sharpies, flip charts, and signage.

Virtual events

Digital tools to host and broadcast may include:

  • Virtual Events/ Conferences

    • - "Airmeet is an all-in-one platform to host immersive events and build real connections, online." Use it for more immersive and interactive formats (workshops, meetups, fairs, summits, conferences, hackathons)

      • You have a lounge, for example, where people can virtually seat with other people and have a conversation. In the paid Conference, you can setup concurrent sessions, have the lounge and setup some booths for other people or sponsors.

  • Virtual meeting are optimized for conversations with a smaller and known audience

  • Webinar platforms are more optimized for presentations with a larger and more anonymous audience

  • Livestream enables an online audience to tap into what’s happening

Try using the digital whiteboarding and shared notes tools during your meetings.

Knowledge, Content, and Code Management

  • Code repo

  • Wiki or other documentation tools (for more structured or comprehensive bodies of knowledge)

Digital whiteboarding, shared notes, etc

Publishing Content/ Articles

The group may produce content that you'd like to distribute and make available to help others.

Other resources on the web for choosing tools

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